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I liked the long hall pulsing electro tube thing...
but thought more faces/polys would make it seem more curved and tube like...
I'd consider adding an oscillation sound to that hall and/or a slight colored light chain along that wall/ceiling (with lights either pulsing or moving down the hall)

The upper flagroom entry always seemed odd to me even in the original but important for a balanced gameplay. Is it a ventilation shaft? Is it a storage attic? Is it an architectural flaw by the Blue Team to allow weakness in their base from Red Team Attacks? I digress...

...I was thinking more space between the ceiling cage and the glass might improve the feeling or get rid of the glass windowing... maybe adding a ventilation fan to make it appear as such. Perhaps panels along the wall would improve the look. (I'm thinking Jefferies Tubes from Star Trek Next Generation style). Adding a metal floor (would also make an interesting sound effect for defense below to hear incoming). Or maybe just bring the light level down to nothing.

I'm not sure what to suggest but those were some ideas.
Love the map. Looking forward to next release.

P.S. Did i mention it's really hard to exit the water way as a slower class?
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