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Pole Position is actually in better shape than it looks.... at least, structurally. I did get a replacement piece for the top, but the bits down bottom can be glued and sealed back together. Given what I know it's been through, I'm quite surprised it's in as good of a shape as it is. It is as clean as I can get it, though.... heat damage to the side-art could be fixed(replaced), but I prefer to leave it original.

Dig Dug.... Yes, the game is difficult... as most of them were back in the 80s. I never got mad at a machine for "kicking my ass", though.... as it was simply doing what it was programmed to do. The variable involved was myself.

PP is giving me a fit, though, on the electrical side. I've got the PCB re-wired for better power flow, and replaced the blown parts on the AR-II board. Something else is wrong in there, so I'm going to start tracing from the power cord right up to each end point. The monitor, marquee, etc are getting power.... but the PCB still isn't. So there's a problem somewhere.

I collect these things, because I played them back in the 80s, and still find them a challenge. I have a list of about 35 more of them I'd love to acquire. I just don't have the room for them right now.

In a way, it's hard to get mad at them now, since they don't actually cost money to play. Back then, you put a quarter in, played, and if you sucked.... had to either walk away, or put another quarter into it and try again.
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