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Looky what I just got.......

Man, this thing is in ROUGH shape......

How rough? You ask........ look:

Yes, that's the back door and the piece it rests on hanging off. The piece below it where the rear wheels are is also off on one side.

Why would I acquire an arcade cabinet in such shape, you wonder?

Long story, but I'll make it short:

Back in the early 80s, I literally lived at the pool hall across the street from my house. Wake up, go to school, finish the day, go home, clean up and change... go over there. Stay there until closing time... then go home, sleep, and do it all over again.

The place burned down in '84. They never rebuilt, and I earned my Lunar Lander cabinet by helping them move the others to their house. I had been best friends with the owners son.... and as happens, we lost contact over the years.

Fast forward to Sept of last year. My grandmother had passed, and I had moved down near where the parents live. I was on my way to the dollar store one late morning, and saw them outside. So I went over to talk for a bit. We caught up, and as I'd recently gotten my Dig Dug cocktail, I mentioned it. I told them that I still had Lunar Lander after all these years, and they asked me if I wanted a Poker machine. I told them I already had one, but it brought about my next question.... "What else do you have in there?" They mentioned "That Racing Game"(Pole Position), and thought they had some others. They also said that they were looking to clear the garage out. I offered to help as much as I could, and they offered me Pole Position.

I had no idea they'd had any of them left. I was saddened to learn that all of the others had been junked, but at least this one remained. Despite it's rather sorry state, I made the claim that I would not only get it working again, but that I would be proud to have a piece of my own history in my line up.

I did some proper research, and learned quite a bit. Despite having been in a fire, I can repair it. The cabinet is actually more solid than it looks, but does need some help. I picked up some parts today, and got to work on it. It's still in process of being repaired, but I SHOULD have it running before this weekend. After that, I'll worry about fixing the cabinet, and then put a whole new set of capacitors on the monitor(seems to need them). It needed a Helluva cleaning, both inside and out..... but this is another cabinet that will never leave my collection. I will die before I part with it.

I put it in the line up, and the Poker machine is being relegated to the basement(it needs repair also, but those are a fucker to work on) to make room:

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