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ff_alchimy_b1 (8.11.09)


  • Added "O" and "D" spawns:
    • spy, scout, and med spawn in *new* spawn
    • solly, demo, engy, hw, and sniper randomly spawn in either the bats fr or the ramp fr
  • Changed the textures (I hate those other ones )
  • Yard, waterfall, and bases changed a bit
  • MUCH more signage!!
  • lights, cubemaps, and generally mapping stuffs added
  • *some* geometry changed (but not much)


Honestly don't bother...this is just a stub map to get that god aweful full bright thing gnaa had in circulation out of the way. I will be releasing a _b2 that is gonna be completely redone (see pics in next post).

This is a continuation of ff_gnaalchimy_a3, created by gnaa; for a history of this map, you can view the original thread here(click).
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