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This is what I ended up using, and I put it into my base_ctf.lua

The number 10 near the top is what you change to suit your needs for your server, say if you want a full game to be enabled at 18 players you'd change it to 18

function GetNumAllPlayers() return GetTeam(Team.kRed):GetNumPlayers() + GetTeam(Team.kBlue):GetNumPlayers() end

function baseflag:touch( touch_entity )
	if == 'Blue Flag' and GetNumAllPlayers() < 10 then return false end
	local player = CastToPlayer( touch_entity )
	-- pickup if they can
	if self.notouch[player:GetId()] then return; end
	if player:GetTeamId() ~= then
		-- let the teams know that the flag was picked up
		SmartSound(player, "yourteam.flagstolen", "yourteam.flagstolen", "otherteam.flagstolen")
		RandomFlagTouchSpeak( player )
		SmartMessage(player, "#FF_YOUPICKUP", "#FF_TEAMPICKUP", "#FF_OTHERTEAMPICKUP", Color.kGreen, Color.kGreen, Color.kRed)
		-- if the player is a spy, then force him to lose his disguise
		player:SetDisguisable( false )
		-- if the player is a spy, then force him to lose his cloak
		player:SetCloakable( false )
		-- note: this seems a bit backwards (Pickup verb fits Player better)
		local flag = CastToInfoScript(entity)
		AddHudIcon( player, self.hudicon, flag:GetName(), self.hudx, self.hudy, self.hudwidth, self.hudheight, self.hudalign )

		-- log action in stats
		LogLuaEvent(player:GetId(), 0, "flag_touch", "flag_name", flag:GetName(), "player_origin", (string.format("%0.2f",player:GetOrigin().x) .. ", " .. string.format("%0.2f",player:GetOrigin().y) .. ", " .. string.format("%0.1f",player:GetOrigin().z) ), "player_health", "" .. player:GetHealth());	

		local team = nil
		-- get team as a lowercase string
		if player:GetTeamId() == Team.kBlue then team = "blue" end
		if player:GetTeamId() == Team.kRed then team = "red" end
		if player:GetTeamId() == Team.kGreen then team = "green" end  
		if player:GetTeamId() == Team.kYellow then team = "yellow" end
		-- objective icon pointing to the cap
		UpdateObjectiveIcon( player, GetEntityByName( team.."_cap" ) )

		-- 100 points for initial touch on flag
		if self.status == 0 then player:AddFortPoints(FORTPOINTS_PER_INITIALTOUCH, "#FF_FORTPOINTS_INITIALTOUCH") end
		self.status = 1
		self.carriedby = player:GetName()

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