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Originally Posted by eomoyaff View Post
I get by king all the time on Aard. He's only popped me while I was on the battlements before take off, rarely.

As for spies, It's easy to get across the yard even against a good sniper. It's all about opportunity. You wait for a sniper to obtain a visual on someone else, and you make the move while he's attached to that player. And make sure your not near that guy on your team when he's getting tracked.

Also, you're making it sound like there's no way to get around King, but he honestly doesn't get that many hits, even against Vent. With a sniper against King even on an average level, king would still have to concentrate a lot more of his time on that sniper then any other class which would allow more freedom to the other players, or King is simply going to get shot. King is good, but he's not invincible.
I am not trying to base my arguments on one sniper, rather any decent sniper (e.g. anyone capable of browsing the web with a mouse). I am not saying King is great. I have killed him plenty of times sniping.

As I stated earlier,
unless the sniper simply sucks, the only reason other people effectively get by a decent sniper is because he is busy charging up another shot after killing some other poor fuck two seconds earlier.
I agree about the opportunity thing, but an issue with the maps countering this is the fact I can snipe without scope and *usually* spot any moving spy in a huge area, all the while popping them and anyone else in a shot or two. I am not great, so I assume most players do this, or at least toggle scope to ensure better fov. As any other class can I spot cloaked spies at the top of the ramp in Aardvark all the way down to the farthest portion of visible grass. I also cannot do crap about them from that distance less I was a sniper. The idea of spy being the almighty sniper counter is null in this version of tf.
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