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Originally Posted by VentuSag3 View Post
Because as we all know the idea that Bridget and Ray just might be bad at the game is clearly a load of nonsense.
"Because as we all know" (mocking your constant use of this to try and sound as if you have a real argument) you are not exactly hot shit in this mod either. The only way you are getting by in Aardvark is if King is afk. And no, I am not saying I am good, so don't bother looking for insults.

@Circuit: Cloak is just too visible. The idea is there, but for some reason it just stands out way too much. Even if a spy stops moving when someone comes in to view, he has to hope that person has not already spotted him. If anything, it's much easier to spot a spy in Aardvark. I have not come into contact with a US-based spy who gets very far, save for Elwood.
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