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What are you talking about Bridget? I'm on your side now! Because as we all know every single player who mains sniper has super inhuman reflexes and is able to headshot every single class 100% of the time as soon as they poke their head out regardless of what they are doing. Plus there is that pesky fact that Snipers are able to aim at multiple targets at once by setting up dual screens and controlling 8 mice at once with their magical octopus hands.

The fact that as a spy I am able to cross aardvark regularly with CUJO and King sniping is all a big giant lie. The idea of using concing scouts and medics on my team as a distraction clearly does not work because Snipers objectively are able to kill everyone in range every single time. The thought of playing sniper myself to keep them at bay while my team gets by is obviously false because like you I hate playing sniper and after all, hating a class is a perfectly good reason to ignore all levels of game balance.

Never have I cloaked and backstabbed snipers until they were forced to switch to another class to stand a chance against me. Nope. Never. Snipers are just that overpowered and should be removed from the game immediatly.
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