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I never really had an issue with Snipers either.

You've got a few basic ways to get into the enemy base against a good Sniper.

Method 1, for classes that have concs or safe nadejumps: peek out, bait a missed shot, then get yourself across. Worst case scenario they line you back up and tag you for minimum damage. If your bait ends with you getting insta-gibbed, at least you only lost a few seconds.

Method 2, for slower classes that don't really have any business in the enemy base, or for avoiding damage entirely at the expense of speed: take the other fucking route. Go through the water, for example. Take the back alley. Whatever.

Method 3, for Spies: cloak, you asshole.

Method 4, for anyone except Demo and maybe Pyro: pressure the Sniper with gunfire. A couple rockets, a stream of nails, etc.

An easy nerf for the Sniper would be to just raise his refire delay. If you wanted to start somewhere, I'd recommend that.
Look at all those dead links.

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