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Originally Posted by VentuSag3 View Post
So let me get this straight, you honestly believe that there are no legit strategies to get around snipers and fight back?
Name some.

Edit: I find it comical that the people who complain that pubs turn into one or two scout runs with yard dm are the same people who see the Sniper as not being a problem. Yet, anyone with some honesty would realize the Sniper's advantage and weaponry denies anyone over a highly skilled Scout or Medic to enter the enemy base (usually).

So, people sit in the yard battling one another trying to get to the enemy sniper. No one can actually run offensive, some of the defenders get tired and leave, and the attackers quit and go to defense. Wham! D v D! The game ruins and welcome to the pub environment! Thanks Snipers!

Here are some 'de facto' ways of dealing with Snipers:

High movement to battlements:
Besides concussion grenades, which means you take up a vital O class (Scout or Medic) you have to use something like a rocket+nade jump or pipe jumps to get to the enemy battlements or to the other side of the map. I shouldn't have to damage myself + waste a vital slot countering snipers specifically. Besides, the argument that 'people just instantly respawn' can be used here too. Snipers instantly respawn as well. If you pipe their battlements, you get kicked/banned for spawn camping. I was banned for throwing nades up at Snipers in well, I've been banned from quite a few TFC servers for it, it's horse-shit.

Counter Sniper:
I don't want to play the class I despise. Besides, this uses yet another vital class slot, wasting it on countering another enemy sniper. There should be no 'hard counters' to specific classes. Every class should have the ability to fight back against a Sniper (whether by added means or the Sniper getting toned down to fit the range consistency) just as every class besides the Demoman should be able to down a sentry (as it is).

The Cliche Hollywood Soviet Way
You could just have your whole team swarm the Sniper. This is more stupidity than strategy. The idea is to distract him on one end so you can take him out on another. You take your entire team out of the game to counter some Snipers? Spare me. (Disclaimer: Soviets never fought this way in real combat. It's some bullshit propaganda created by the good ol' United States of Asinine to discredit the achievements of the Soviet Union in World War 2, who saved our asses long before we got around to doing anything important, so we rage and try to 'take the trophy' for saviors of the world in WWII by making their accomplishments look like an accident or coincidence. Ha ha ha~)

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