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Originally Posted by VentuSag3 View Post
So let me get this straight, you honestly believe that there are no legit strategies to get around snipers and fight back?
If you're trying to counter a sniper, by yourself, the only really effective way to do it (on, say, Aardvark) is to go demo and spawn camp the bastard. Even then it doesn't work perfectly, and on at least one certain server you'll get a ban threat for even thinking about OH NO SPAWN CAMPING, disregard the three snipers who blow your head off as soon as you peek out at the yard....

You shouldn't need to have somebody on "sniper duty" to counter the enemy team's snipers. Or even three people, as is often required. That just means you have less O, more yard dickery (and thus the offense can't accomplish as much, players get disheartened, slows gameplay).

And don't say "snipers counter snipers!" That's fucking stupid. That's demanding that you have one, no two, no three or four snipers on each time, just killing each other and it's gravy!

And sunshine and lollipops and shut the fuck up
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