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Originally Posted by SSCUJO View Post
play the map like a pub not a pickup, don't expect to just have an empty yard and a quick route to the base, you need to avoid getting killed by one shot from a shit class to get into the base.
Fixed for you.

Your argument about Iggy having skill does not compute. You are effectively saying that everyone else sucks because they cannot kill or efficiently dodge a sniper from across a giant ass map. Yet, unless the sniper simply sucks, the only reason other people effectively get by a decent sniper is because he is busy charging up another shot after killing some other poor fuck two seconds earlier. I highly doubt Iggy could kill you with any class as you snipe on Aardvark, less you play like someone who is new to any fps game -- standing still the entire time sniping. I highly doubt you do that.

As a side note, another annoying thing is all of the people who bitch and moan about someone attacking people coming out of the spawn(s) where snipers decide to flee/wait. Fuck.
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