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Originally Posted by Circuitous View Post
Sounds like Heart of Darkness with bosses.
That's actually a pretty decent example with the trial and error except mix in some skill based combat (timing plays a big part in it) and RPG style character progression and you've got the game.

Character progression mainly revolves around killing shit. When you kill shit, you get souls. With souls you can buy items, upgrade weapons, or level up. Each time you level up it costs more and more souls. Each level up allows you to put one point in to a stat.

When you die, you lose all of your souls. You can recover them by getting to your bloodstain. If you die while you have a bloodstain, you lose all the souls at the previous bloodstain.

To make all of that even harder, when you die, you revert to soul form. In soul form you have fewer hit points, so you have to play it even safer.

It's a blast though. The game doesn't feel cheap. Bosses are simply hard and, after beating them, you feel like you actually accomplished something. To give an idea of the suspense of a boss fight, I found myself standing up and jumping as I fought a boss. It's just fucking cool stuff.
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