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I'd like to help.

Things I'm good at:
- Web design (though a bit rusty I will admit)
- Graphic Design
- Computers (specifically I am a software analyst at my job and a great problem solver, squashing bugs is what I do.)

I'm currently still learning how to map so maybe even if I'm not able to help build any official maps, I might be able to provide feedback and testing on other people's maps.

Things I have no clue what I'm doing but would still like to learn:
- How to model & animate characters (Including the initial drawing and design of each character and how to translate that into something real)
- Improving FF sounds to make it more hifi and rich as well as adding more personality to each character.
- Make some music videos
(I plan to go back to school in the next year or two to get my AA in Graphic/Multimedia Design)

I know this is a roll call for existing devs, but has anyone considered trying to reach out to any retired FF devs who could maybe make a comeback for the remake?
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