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Originally Posted by Dexter View Post
u updated the website
Haha yeah, it's been a while. And we're gonna update a lot about it, because this site is old. It has cool stuff, but man is it old.

Originally Posted by Chickenprotector View Post
What it comes down to is how much work you need to put into it
And while you're at it, get rid of the fucking useless laser grenades *rages*
We're definitely starting from scratch, so the amount of work is a lot either way. However, it's not entirely from scratch since we have all the source files of FF to use as reference.

Also, because FF is old and we're making a new FF, that means we can make FF multiplatform. I don't mean some crappy port of FF on iPhone, but we could put FF or variations of FF on any platform we want. Steam for sure, so PC Mac and Linux. But what about PS4 and Xbox One? Nothing's stopping FF from being on those platforms except for the fact that FF is on old Source and the dev team needs to make that happen. Spectating on a mobile device? Why not. The possibilities are endless, all we have to do is design and develop FF for modern times.

And yeah, the laser grenade would be gone in the TFC mode. And then it might be there in the FF 2014 mode, but not in the FF 2007 mode, etc...if we even want to go that deep with variations of FF. I think the dev team will make a few modes, and the community will make a ton more.

The plan is to just make a modern TFC as pure as possible, and also as moddable as possible so we can also make vanilla FF and whatever else.

I really want an Axl mode

Originally Posted by the_cake View Post
I'd just be worried I'd need to do something low level that the scripting engine wouldn't facilitate; particularly if you intend to model classic fortress physics. You'd need to either give up or find a hack, which is asking for problems. Also getting pretty far along and realizing the scripting engine isn't quite as efficient as you thought when there are 8 players and 10 nades in the yard.

Is anyone doing graphics and sound, or are you just porting FF's content?
Licensing the Unreal Engine gives full source code. We can make FF movement in Unreal identical to FF movement in Source, or as close as possible. If not, that'd be another reason to use Source 2. However, even Source 2 would be different.

By the way, this is exactly how we made Fortress Forever. People were worried about the movement in FF being different from TFC. We matched it and then we went nuts changing it too, which some people liked and some people didn't like.

The plan is to make all new art and sound. Old FF will always be around, and it'll probably be on Steam as well. We just have to do some work to get current FF on steam. We were porting to 2013 sdk, but maybe we can just put it up the way it is now. However, the old/current FF would be an opt-in thing, because the main game would be remade to be modern.
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