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You guys are suddenly making an exception to how beginners play on flagrun? That's odd, because in the past it's always been forget new players, this game was made for pros, they can learn to play or get out. I played flagrun a few times, and it seems like a quick run to the flag room. I can understand someone chaining perfect concs to the flag room, but in a practical public situation, I just don't see that happening consistently to complain. Besides, even if you got to the flag room as an Engineer before the Scouts, You wouldn't be able to do anything. Your gun would just get nail'd or the Scouts would just conc right past the piece of shit. I mean, you make it out to be a big deal, but it's all from the assumption that if only you could get to the flag room before the Scouts, your piss-poor Sentry could do something. Even if that were true, that you could get there beforehand, I highly doubt it would be of any real benefit.

Provide some video proof. You made the claim, Gwarsbane. Maybe you haven't spent much time in arguments, but when you make a claim, you are then required to provide evidence or ultimate proof resulting from accumulated evidence. It is not the job of the person receiving the claim to prove it wrong. Likewise, using the word of someone else is not legitimate evidence/proof. How easy would that be? GenghisTron makes a thread stating that the Earth is flat, and his only support is that I, his gullible friend, agree with him. Is that sound? Fuck no. We both have to prove the Earth is flat, and no one has to prove that it's not unless they voluntary wish to do so.

Also, Gwars, give me a fucking break. You jump at any opportunity to attack other people's character by incorrectly labeling them racist through your disturbing political correctness. I know you're a well-conditioned sheep who has been groomed over by the fear of being called a racist for using mere phonemes or pixel-combinations on a screen, but not everyone else is that gullible or unable to think for themselves. So, spare me. If the words "nigga please" are racist, then congratulations, almost every black person on Earth is a racist. Oh wait, I forgot, only white people can be racist. I'm sorry, Al Sharpton.

Last, please spare me and everyone else the 'I play all day every day' argument. How long you do something is not always a necessary indicator of resulting experience or expertise. I can spend a week learning about x with full attention and retain more knowledge than someone who spends two months only dedicating a fraction of his attention to it. You consider experience/expertise by quality not quantity.
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