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Originally Posted by Ventry(Leo Wainker) View Post
I'm thoroughly convinced that Bridget and GenghisTron are trying to "Bully" everyone into seeing things their way.

Not gonna happen.

This is a "point of view" argument based upon opinion only and opinions are like arseholes. Everyone has one and most of them stink.
That's where you're wrong. Also, it's not just 'Bridget and GenghisTron', it's a multitude of people, including multiple developers--who all see the sniper as broken, or semi-broken.

Also, we're not 'bullying' people, we're using well-reasoned arguments steeped in empiricism, this isn't as simple as 'LOLOL THATS UR OPINION', because it's not an 'opinion' that snipers have an unfair advantage in this game. It's verifiable fact, and it can be reproduced as many times needed to prove the point.

There's a difference between opinion, and something that can be PROVED, and is an objective fact.

Originally Posted by Ventry(Leo Wainker) View Post
As far as I can see there is just as many people who don't have a problem with the sniper as those who do.
Prove it.
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