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Originally Posted by Bridget View Post
It's not a level design issue. It's the Sniper.
The Sniper is barely ok on a large map like Aardvark.

The great majority of the Snipers time is spent worrying about/focusing on the opposing Sniper and not on your precious bunnyhopping/concing through mid.

You usually have 10-20 seconds of 'proper' Sniping once you've killed the opposing Sniper. Of course, you don't know how long you have or where he'll come at you next and the wisest move is to change your position so he doesn't know where you are. The trouble with this is, you aren't actually Sniping anymore, you're running until your window of opportunity to do some real Sniping is over.

The changes I highlighted would make the Sniper a more interesting and dynamic class, certainly just reversing the charge would work wonders for it. With the increased mobility the Sniper will see, you should find less Snipers permanently stuck to the edge of a restock room as they are hopelessly doomed if they go anywhere else at the moment (and still will be really).

Unfortunately having to face off against 'other' Snipers increases the need and frequency at which a Sniper is in and around the restock rooms. It's such a disadvantage to stand anywhere else, especially if facing a Sniper on the opposing team.

I'd say restock rooms and restock related things are central to many problems in FF.
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