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Originally Posted by Mooga View Post
So my intertubes went down yesterday and I had to call Comcast. Now let me say that GENERALLY I've had good luck with Comcast. Good up time and very fast speeds. But I needed to get the net back up because the family uses it for business. So as always I call up as someone who is completely technologically illiterate. This is what I learned:
- Comcast gives you 50Gb of bandwidth (Lies, it's actually 250GB a month)
- Watching videos on sites like netflix, hulu, and youtube is "streaming" and doesn't use bandwidth because it doesn't save on your harddrive (How do they know?)
- Uploading is not bandwidth (Because "bandwidth" is only when things are saved to your harddrive, see?)

Conclusion: Comcast tech support are MORONS. If I didn't know better, I would have actually fallen for his shit. How do people like this get jobs?

This will make ya scream

Comcast Tech : " What OS are you running "

Me : "OS X - Snow Leopard and Fedora"

Comcast Tech : "What is Fedora"

Me : "Linux"

Comcast : " Are you running any anti-virus or anti-spyware on this machine"

Enough said.
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