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OldTimers/[o-t] Servers bans killing the FF Community?

There was a thread in the catacombs regarding why FF hasn't done as well as it should. Someone made a really good point and i thought i'd share with the rest of you all and see what you thought.

Originally Posted by WheelOfTime
Another problem I suspect, is that the current populated pubs seem to be run by those dreaded crazy Nazi pub admin types. A few of the current pubs share a super TFC banlist, and I have rarely been able to join a FF pub with people because of this issue.

There are roughly 2500 players on this banlist as evidenced here:

first page:
last page:

The banlist dates all the way back to 2005, and a ban resulting from either TFC, TF2, or FF is spread across all their servers in every game. It effects Old Timers Clan server, [AE] server, and at least a 3rd whose name I cannot recall. I can imagine people who used to play TFC spending the time to download FF, trying to join a pub and seeing themselves banned already, then immediately deleting the game thinking its broken or something. Not to mention carrying bans from TF2 loses pubbers that may want to move from TF2 to FF. From what I gather, I am banned simply because I was on the STA banlist at one point.

Even more evidence that this is hurting FF can be seen with their tool here:

Take a look at "Last Connection Attempt" on the left with respect to "Date Banned" more to the right. There are people banned a year or more ago trying to connect recently. Remember this banlist spans at least 3 "popular" servers, which is a good chunk of the US FF server list. It is possible your player base could be doubled or more simply be removing this banlist from the effected pubs, and then trying to advertise again.

I realize it is not under the FF developers control if pub people want to have a Nazi-style server with bans dating back to 2005 from TFC, and its also not under their control that people happen to congregate on these types of servers, but it's definitely a problem. If you want more players you need to talk to these pub admins.
Your thoughts?

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