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My first impressions

Alright guys, I am 6 year TFC player and this is gonna get every tiny detail put into it I can think of, so its going to be a long one, read if you want... I'll try and throw a conclusion in the end for yah.

Ok here it goes. Starting with me first starting up the game, I was kind of suprised to hear some music playing I remember saying to myself "don't remember that in TFC" lol. After changing my settings and such including that new cross hair/sound thing, thats nice, I joined a game. Looking at the map I was about to play, dustbowl, I was very happy to see some sort of objective type intro for the new guys out there. Although it took a while to connect I just knew it was going to be worth the wait.. I mean come on, its TFC with source how can it get any better? BUT after joining the game, offense to be exact, I was horribly introduced.

I must honestly say I was absolutely choked by the massive amount of balance/nade/sound etc. issues. So what did I do? shut the game off after playing for about 5 minutes and went to bed. The next day I woke up, went to school, got home. Not that you needed to know any of that, I went over to my bro (he is a hardcore TFC player, he has been playing it since day 1 and is unbelievably good imho (names Rzarector if anyone knows him)) and said these exact words "wow FF sucks, SO BAD!" he responded with "really?" in any case I told him to go try it himself... I watched him play the game for about 5 minutes on ff_well and after watching this I was like wow, he is really having fun and that looks really fun.

Moving on I got right on the comp after him to try it out on a map other than shittybowl. So, I booted up the game and about 10 seconds later was greeted with my first crash . none-the-less I re-booted the game and joined a server on crossover, and WOW what a change. I choose good 'ol demo as it has always been my favorite class, and went on to try and do some killing. Demo used to be my favorite class but mannn was I having a tuff time with it in FF, so I decided to try spy(my new fav. class) and it seemed to come naturally to me. I continued to play through all the classes and here is a small breakdown of them...

Scout: Speedy mofo, always loved the class, works good with the game.
Sniper: Still as useless as ever (sorry snipers) but this class does nothing for a team, you get the odd kill... so what? though, the changes made were good for the all round class
Soldier: Solly Solly, not a lot changed, rocket jumps don't seem as effective but thats fine, still a good class.
Demoman: Changed, a little too much for my taste, but others seem to like it, I'm not entirely sure what it is about the class I don't like but I just ain't feelin it.
Medic: Concs!!! yay!!! nothing much changed, still a fun ass class
HWGuy: EUGH!!!! totally unbalanced, what the hell is with the ub3r accurate machine gun? take out overheat and make it the way it was before (wastes less, way less accurate) and wow why the hell is he so bloody fast?
Pyro: Got the power boost it needed, not sure I like the burn time but good nonetheless
Spy: Wonderful change, though I don't feel cloak should slow you down, I do feel it should limit your jumping (the way it does) great changes made to the class, my new fav. (TRANQ!!! knife) :P
Engineer: Hmmm, love the change to the rail gun, haven't played engy much though, just don't like 'em... not for me.

Now after all that I was really starting to get into it, and started fooling around with the guns, OMG gun review coming.

The super shotty was changed considerably (ya it really was) it wastes less but is MUCH more accurate, I'm not sure that was the right thing to do, but it balances out.

The nail guns (super & normal) were also changed considerably, they do much better than before in combat and are great for SG's, thanks FF the nail gun was a big issue for me in TFC

The Rail Gun, Wonderful change, I love the charge up and the deflection, defiantly a great gun to use.

The Tranq Gun, shoots faster, thanks

The normal shotty, seems a bit weird, seems small almost.. not a lot changed though.

Pyro rocket lobs way to much for my taste.

Flamethrower woohooO!!! rocks now, thanks guys.

Machine gun(HWGUY) eugh, overheat idea wasn't to hot for my taste but I dunno some people prefer it, using the gun is more of a personal opinion, still way to accurate wasting to much.

The GL, oddly changed, a lot bigger for sure... wastes 5 less? (not sure about that it might be 10) the grenades seem a bit smaller too making them harder to see.

thats about it for things with big changes in the gun department... nades didn't change much, no reason going over them.

Moving on with my trusty review, I started to take a look at the small things, no swimming anims!!! (heard you guys had a glitch with those and were forced to take them out right before release) the small changes with certain maps sort of threw me off, some things just seems to big or small to me, I'm not sure what it is but well is my example. When you get into the flag room the side ledge at the flag level (not the bottom) is a lot wider, this makes it way harder to shoot defenders up there, making it even harder to get the flag. Another small change I saw were the spies poison grens. thanks for not making them go through walls anymore! but I must say I liked confusion over the odd screen squiggles.

there are plenty other things to say with the small changes but I don't have all day here.

All in all (this is my conclusion btw) a ton of changes were made, both good and bad, to change the fortress name. I really don't like the ideas valve has thrown in TF2 (no nades, cartoons, etc.) and FF has defiantly got most things right. Things I don't like include, naturally, some balancing issues, Bhopping... (gonna hate when that code comes) and the odd few glitches. However in my opinion this mod will blow out TF2 in game play wise, I'm just not sure it got the hype it needed. Well I probably missed a lot of shit but I tried anyways hopefully at least 1 person read the things. Thanks for a great mod FF players.

and let me ask you this...
Whats better? a game made by TFC regulars and for anyone that has ever liked TF, or is it better to have a company experimenting with new styles of art in a game, showing TF as a complete joke in the gaming industry."

PS: Before I forget, get dustshit the hell off the map rotation defaults, next update take it off, I'm 300% sure it will drive new players away.

Thanks again for a great mod guys,
-|?| FrEaK
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