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We need to talk here Caesium about your map.

I like it but there is some stuff that is different.

First off, how to say the underground area leading from the water route to a catacomb place is strange. When you walk around there it feels like you're down the 2forts basement
and the flagroom. I found some strange gordon freeman button in a corner of the room, if you press it then you teleport to a tube(?) or a glass-room where you can't do anything. What is the point of this?

Now about the outside area, it is very big me likes it, the inside base is not that complex and bad, I like the idea and the layout.

But to say honestly there is only one spawnroom and I am dissapointed over one thing. In the edge of the base there is some battlements area where you can see the outside area through a glass-window. Why is it bullet-proof? If so why can't you destroy it? It would be more fun if that were possible in a a way. So well, overall the map is well done and needs some better textures on the floor and the walls, and maybye some other lighting or something that similar.

Keep on movin'!
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