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Originally Posted by Caesium
Nah, sadly it's not the job of the FF dev team to arrange HL2DM hosting for unfinished unofficial 3rd party maps Seems to me that we'd need to sort this out amongst ourselves. So, does anyone has the ability to host an HL2DM server, or know someone else who does? It doesn't need to be a good server, anything is better than nothing.

Obviously we'd want sv_airaccelerate up, and cheats enabled so ppl can noclip to pretend to conc etc This would be really useful tbh for finding bugs and getting an idea for how areas will feel and play in FF. Would probably be useful to have a votemap system running as well as a map rotation, so ppl can load up the map they want.
maybe can get some hl2dm servers running, gonna talk with the chief when he's online.
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