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The strange thing is that I actually tried to neaten that script up but when I do it by adding hard returns so that I can make sense when I read it the script no longer functions. I just assumed that those hard returns interfere with the script function but I suppose it's also possible I made yet another typo.

See, when you talk about your strategy with friendly disguises it makes me remember how much I sucked at the game. Doing what you're talking about would absolutely get me fragged though I'm sure you were good at it. My strategy was always to appear as a non threat to walk amongst them and cause havoc from within. I like to cloak and make my way slowly across the map to their base and once inside start using various enemy disguises to back stab and sabotage. Then again that's just my particular playing style. Perhaps I can try that if the Fortress Forever player base grows again. Anyway, thanks again for your help
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