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Fortress Forever Scripting Question

OK, so I'm a bit stumped. I've come up with the following bit of code which allows me to hit the Alt key and change to a different set of key bindings then hit the Alt key again to change it back. Here is the code I'm using for my engineer:

alias Switch+ "bind F5 aimsentry; bind 1 detdismantlesentry; bind 2 dismantledispenser; bind 3 detdispenser; wait; alias Switch Switch-"
alias switch- "bind F5 slot1; bind 1 slot2; bind 2 slot3; bind 3 slot4; wait; alias Switch switch+"
alias Switch "Switch+"

bind "ALT" "Switch"

This code works flawlessly for my engineer. However, when I use the same kind of code for my spy it completely malfunctions. Here's the code for the spy:

alias Switch+ "bind F5 E-demoman; bind 1 E-engineer; bind 2 E-hwguy; bind 3 E-medic; wait; bind 4 E-pyro; bind 5 E-scout; bind TAB E-sniper; bind ENTER E-soldier; wait; bind BACKSPACE E-spy; bind UPARROW F-demoman; bind HOME F-engineer; bind PGUP F-hwguy; wait; bind W F-medic; bind LEFTARROW F-pyro; bind [ F-scout; bind ] F-sniper; bind RIGHTARROW F-soldier; wait; wait; wait; wait; wait; wait; alias Switch Switch- wait; wait; wait; wait; wait; wait"
alias switch- "wait; wait; wait; wait; wait; wait; bind F5 slot1; bind 1 slot2; bind 2 slot3; bind 3 slot4; wait; bind 4 slot5; bind 5 impulse 100; bind TAB Scoreboard; bind ENTER +attack2; wait; unbind BACKSPACE; bind UPARROW +forward; bind HOME discard; bind PGUP changeteam; wait; bind W impulse 201; bind LEFTARROW +moveleft; bind [ crouch; bind ] dropitems; bind RIGHTARROW moveright
; wait; alias Switch switch+ wait; wait; wait; wait; wait; wait"
alias Switch "Switch+"

bind "ALT" "Switch"

When I Press the Alt key the first time it switches over to the disguise bindings as it should. When I Press it the second time it restores the bindings just as it should. However, when I pressed it again nothing happens.

You'll notice that the spy code contains more wait commands. This is my attempt to slow things down a bit because someone suggested that it might be too much to do in such a short time. I'm not even sure if that's the problem. Any help would be appreciated.
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