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So anyways, the facts are:

- This thread is directed at yellow team members only; not blue, not red, not green and certainly not black 'members'.
- This thread is predominantly being posted in by people that are NOT on the yellow team.
- People that are not in the yellow team contribute to this thread mostly by whining, moaning, bitching and arguing about their opinion on our yellow king.
- Yellow team members have in fact contributed in a way that is either about praising our king or pointing out towards non-yellow team members that this thread is of no use to them; nor will it ever be of any use and in fact that they have no business in here at all. In fact; almost every yellow team member in this thread has been making cheerfull and nice posts.

Now these are the facts, before posting anything in here; please DO consider these facts, please think of what exactly it is that you are doing here?

What is it that you are doing in this thread?.
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