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D3pth Charge.....

Since we have never spoken before I am going to introduce myself to you. I am Darken_HellSpawn "The ForSaken King of the Yellow Brotherhood of Llamas." I do appreciate your critque of myself but in all honesty I am not a kid or "nerdy" in that aspect of thinking. I am exactly what I am but not who I really am or to popular belief but to be myself. You could never pick my out of a crowd and I blend in with the normal population which gives me the power of strategic stealth in life. I hope that sums it up for you.

I do think that a Yellow Brotherhood Spread posted on Planet Half Life in a blog format or article would be very beneficial to our Brotherhood and ultimate goals of ruling the color factions. Let me know what you think and we can make it happen.

Thank you for the lower jab to the testicles of Dancing_Fool. I am sure he enjoyed it.

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