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Thankfully someone took the time to check the Spanish file. If it had to be me, it would be done at like January or something xD

Now that WarDieS pointed the weird things, I guess I'll take advantage and give my opinion on those ;D

Mouse look: probably more accurate to use what War suggests.

Join team: I would just leave it as "Únete a un equipo". Can go for the comedic value and add the "valiente" though ;D

Headshot: I don't know if it was on TFC, but I recall some Spanish translations saying "¡En la cabeza!" when it's a Headshot. Likewise, if there's a legshot line, it could be translated as "¡En la pierna!"

Pipe thing: In my opinion, maybe it could be less technical. Like "Las bombas no estarán armadas hasta que dejen de brillar. Puedes usar la geometría del mapa para hacerlas rebotar, reduciendo el efecto del retraso. También puedes usarlas para impulsarte y saltar más, llegando a lugares inaccesibles de otro modo."

Disguise: Well, it's obvious he meant "mortal" xD Typos are sneaky I guess. Didn't really see a problem after the typo fix, but that's just me =D
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