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Good Job on the Spanish trans, but i have found some minor things/problems

"FF_Mouse_Look" "Usar el ratón para mover la cabeza"
"FF_Keyboard_Look" "Usar el teclado para mover la cabeza"

Should something like "mover la vista" or simply "mirar", "cabeza" can give the wrong idea, imo

"FF_Mouse_Look" "Usar el ratón para mirar"

"FF_WPNHUD_RADIOTAGRIFLE_AMMO" "40 PRINCIPALES" I know its not done yet, but wanted to remind you this

"FF_MapShot" Description is missing the first "

"FF_JOINTEAM" "¡Únete a un equipo machote!" the word "machote" doesnt fit well (hi spanish girls) as the english version imo, mb change this for "valiente" or just leave it as "Únete a un equipo"


"FF_HINT_SNIPER_HEADSHOT" "¡Cabeza! El rifle de francotirador es el único arma del juego........etc"

Should be " la única arma del juego...." and mb leave the ¡Cabeza! as "Headshot" or "Disparo a la cabeza" ? not sure about this

"FF_HINT_DEMOMAN_FIREPL" "bla bla ........ y así sobreponerte a ese retraso"
It took me 1 minute to understand what you were saying and i already know how to play !

I think you should change that for something like "compensar el retraso"

"FF_HINT_SPY_GANKDISGUISE" "Al propinar una puñalada mortar mientras estabas disfrazado" erm What ?

What about "Si apuñalas a alguien mientras estas disfrazado, tu disfraz cambiará (para parecerte a)/(al personaje de) tu víctima"

Those are parts i think you should consider change, btw you can find the Dlights on Main menu - Fortress Options (Last tab)
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