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Yeah, I agree with you. I didn't remember that in TF2 it was just metal. And yeah I've corrected the nailgun to be "remachadora", the shorter the better and it does exist in real life.

One more thing:

With the flamethrower ammo, they've used "cells" as well, but I guess we're not going to use metal here...

In fact I don't even know why they went with cells too. Do you think we should be creative and make something up like "gasolina", "combustible" or maybe "gas", which I like better?

Also, in the hints, the one for the scout's radar says that the radar "works with cells". Should I just translate that as "pilas"? I didn't see any "cells" regarding the scout previously... will it appear anywhere else than in the hint?

(Sorry, I haven't played for a long time, and I'm just trying to install the game in this old PC to see if it runs or not... I can't test stuff myself until I get it working, lol).

Edit: Thanks Elmo. A pleasure to help

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