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ffdev roll call (*edit 3: welcome to flat land, say goodbye to dev titles)

We're remaking FF. Or more precisely, we're remaking TFC on a modern engine and the remake of FF will come naturally from that as well as a whole bunch of other awesome stuff.

Anyone willing to help, feel free to speak up.

More info real soon.


basically, if you're a dev in the "past members" section but want to work on FF again, then we can put you in the active list. For now though, consider this a fresh start. If you don't want to work on FF, that's fine. The door's always open anyways

*edit 2*

The dev team page will be updated as more devs confirm their involvement.

It's not just Jesse and me, I assure you. There are already devs that are active like Dexter, hlstriker, Elmo, and squeek. However, the only person who has confirmed anytime recently is Jesse, who I talked to on the phone last night.

Within the next few days/weeks, we should have a good idea of which devs are still active and want to do this.

The key is wanting to do it. Nobody's going to be forced to work on FF, they have to want it.
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