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Originally Posted by ddm999 View Post
gneh shut up.

What I was trying to say is in TF2, you can do something... I dunno, I haven't played TF2 in fucking ages and I don't really give a shit.

What you can get from these posts is that I don't care about vidya gaims apart from having fun killing the fuck out of noobs. sry. kbye.

prolly annoyed about the fact i suck at conc maps.
hey, i managed to get halfway down the easy surf on kz_surfmania in kreedz climbing.
maybe surfings more my thing now i know how to actually do it due to tutorials.

if only i could learn how to wall jump in any way in any game ever without sucking.
Surfing is great fun. Somehow barely figured out how to sort of do it in FF but the Kreedz tutorial is gold. Learned within half a minute.
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