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Originally Posted by VentuSag3 View Post
Oh my, I guess the strategies I've been using that let me regularly get passed good snipers don't actually exist then. Because as we all know the idea that Bridget and Ray just might be bad at the game is clearly a load of nonsense. That just couldn't possibly be true! We must instead bend the laws of reality so that we no longer believe in the tactics of duck and cover, alternative routes, distractive fire, Spy cloak+dagger camping, water routes, throwing a spare conc at the sniper as you fly by so he cant get your team, and dozens more.

All those tactics just aren't in the game, and even if they were they are not viable because Bridget and Ray can't use them effectively. Going back to what I said about how the idea that they ARE BAD AT THIS GAME is not in any way possible, we must therefore assume that these strategies are not viable for anyone else either.

We should all follow their brave example and attempt to traverse to the enemy base as slow classes in uniform single file line without any bunnyhopping and just accept our fate of getting owned by snipers until the devs step in and remove them from the game to stop the madness.
You asked me if I knew of any effective strategies to get close enough to the Sniper to counter him. I made the implication that I did not by asking you to provide me with some. I supplied you with some current situations that allow the players of public environments to counter snipers, however counter intuitive and ineffective — the opposite of what you asked if I knew.

When I made the suggestion for you to provide me with some strategy to counter Snipers effectively, perhaps to reconsider my views on the Sniper, you merely resorting to ad-hominem attacks as shown above. This leads me to assume you don't actually have any valid strategies and were simply trolling. Good day, sir.

@ The Hints and @ the Suggestions above:

Method 1: Peeking out is enough to get me gibbed. I shouldn't have to play cat and mouse. I want to play Fortress Forever.
Method 2: The alternative route, which is usually accessed via the middle of the yard. I still have to dodge Snipers to get there. Remember DirectX too, which allows them to pick me out even in the water.
Method 3: Spies are easy to pick out with the Sniper rifle, especially with lower versions of DirectX. Why should I have to inch slowly across the yard to counter a broken fucking class?
Method 4: Yeah, because I should have to waste my ammunition and time doing that just to get across the yard, forgetting to realize that the projectiles are so slow on large maps, meaning the window for the Sniper to take you down is so huge. I can literally anticipate enemy rockets as Sniper on some maps (2fort for example) and show-fully jump over them to be an asshole to the person who fired them.

These suggestions are useless, anyway, because as I have said before, the discussion is on the class and its core means of play. It's not about subjective strategies or views of the class, whether it is pro and shit in competitive play, whether it has a role or purpose, or any of that.

I have always been wanting to address the objectives. The facts. Those being, that Sniper is the only class with a range advantage over the other classes. No one can have a fair fight with the Sniper, because he has a huge window of immediate opportunity over his enemies. In that window, they must get close to fight back. In that window, the Sniper can do as he pleases.

No one addresses this, though. Everyone resorts to superficial discussion. Does anyone actually agree that the Sniper has a HUGE advantage over the other classes? And, before you say it, as it is has said before, his health and armor are not downsides. His advantage directly protects against his only 'downside' (arguably not a real good one) and it only comes in effect situationally (after the Sniper fails to capitalize on his unfair advantage.)

You can argue "You can get around it!" but that doesn't change the objective fact that I am having to workaround something that should not be in FF. Something that is unfair. Something that makes FF not fun at all. SO, whatever. I don't like repeating myself (after a certain point, because I have done so for a while now)

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