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Starmade, minecraft clone etc etc

So it's kinda like minecraft but in space. It looks like it has potential to be a pretty amazing space sim, depending on how the combat works out and how everything is balanced.

Where it really shines is the in depth ship building. You can design your ship how ever you want using the blocks and slants. But you also have to put in thrusters, lasers, missles, shields, weapons computers, and power cores to power everything. The nice thing is, you're not just building a ship to look cool on the outside, the inside of the ship can be just as functional. You can run around in your ship, have turret rooms for other people to man while you're flying about, and if your ships big enough you can even dock other smaller ships in or on it. And it seems to take a lot into account for practicality of ships. Obviously the bigger your ship the more thrusters you need, more weapons and thrusters requires more power cores.

So yeah, just thought the open ended style was pretty neat. Depending on how combat works out it could be super dope to have a whole unit of people on a giant cruiser, manning turrets, launcher smaller fighters and shit, what have you.
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