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Originally Posted by battery View Post
It's done. One of the reactor has lost all water, leaving fuel rods exposed. Total meltdown is immient. Let's hope the containment shell will live up to its spec.

What surprises me is that there is no containment shell whatsoever to quarantinethe spent fuel rods! These rods contain all kind of nasty, unstable isotopes. Radioactive iodine, carbon, oxides, gold....
And guess what, these spent fuel generate intense heat. Unless cooled by water, it can melt and transform into a messy radioactive ooze. Yet, they didn't put a bombshell around this thing.

Honestly, what is this shit? I thought nuclear technology has advanced far enough over the decades.

I am stocking up food and drinks imported from Japan. For all I know, we won't be buying Japanese imports for a long time to come.
Japan took two Atomic bombs and eventually rebuilt cities in the wake of that damage. Whatever gets thrown out by these reactors will be minor by comparison and it will hardly hit all of Japan.

So long as you're beating on the age of the tech at many facilities in the world can take a near hit from a 9.0 earthquake and then a tsunami and not have serious containment or recovery problems?
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