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Holy shit, thats kerrigan!
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i apologized to the cops afterwords if i was being disrespectful. they said they appriciated it and they seemed pretty alright, they uncuffed me and let me go. but the school found out, somehow. im off the team, offially. i dont know what to do now. my mind is going so fast. they emailed the school saying i was very belligerant, the only thing i did that was that was i apprently screamed get your fuckin hands off of me, but i dont remember saying that at all. i would never say that to a cop.
other people who were there said i did though, so i mustve been pretty drunk

the coach said she almost cried when she found out what happened. since i left out a very big part of the story she said it got worse.

im so fucked. im done with everything
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