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speaking of clanning, a poster referred to this thread in the steam forums as an example of the trend of tf2 clanning.

During an actual scrim, if something that has not been confirmed as an intentional feature, isn't it the "gentleman's rule" or "show of good sportsmanship" to not use it, for either team? Especially if its something like shooting through floors? One of the guys who posted mentioned that the respawn delay and crits add to the raging. It's curious that tf2 also follows dods in terms of endgame situations where winners get to get free kills against the losing team.

I was under the impression that clan matches had unwritten, presupposed rules/guidelines that tended toward good sportsmanship/friendly competition, and that was one of the main driving forces of keeping clanning alive. That would _kind of_ explain why much of dods competition's died out. It would suck if this lack of fair-game attitude was a trend toward clanning in general, instead of isolated cases.
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