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Originally Posted by SoBe Green
I think all leagues should abandon standard CTF and rely more on territory control maps. It attracts more of a variety than CTF. To me CTF is just a tired out game play mode you can find in just about any multiplayer FPS.
This was a thumbs down for me for TF2. The idea of bringing a flag back from the enemy base, or taking a flag to an enemy base has always attracted me to fps types of games. So much infact, i play starcraft and warcraft ctf. LOL.

I think the cp idea fits tf2 because of the overall physics mechanics of tf2. For any decent ctf maps to work for tf2, there needs to be a lot of open spaces, since there's no grenades to counter sentries in closed spaces. But at the same time, there needs to be more covers since snipers can easily dominate maps that are wide open. Even then, the map has to be somewhat linear, since not every class will be able to rocket/pipe jump into the crooks and cranies of a map. With cp, though, it only requires that people hold their position for a limited time.

The thing about TF games in general though, the game physics allow for a variety of gamemodes. Or at the very least, i think they should, so that an AvD ctf can remain ctf, with an option to make it into cp. With cp, the control points will always be the same spots. With a CTF AvD though, the control points always shifts, depending on where the flag was dropped. I think that's where the excitement for me comes in, to see if i'm versatile in my skills, skillful enough to change my conc timing, or can i bluff as a spy long enough to get the flag, can i rocket/gren jump the flag further into enemy territory, etc. Its the only reason why i play utfacingworlds for dod. LOL.
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