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Originally Posted by SoBe Green
I've always found watching TFC matches dull. If I ever watch them its usually because someone on O has pulled off a bad ass conc jump. I'll watch CPL matches of CS sometimes if once again something great happened. For the most part I find watching any match of any kind pretty dull unless there is something there that I haven't seen or done already. I still don't understand the people that watch a ton of match demos/videos. Its like watching a pre season football game 100 times. No matter how much you watch it the outcome didn't even matter to begin with and your no better at football than you were before you watched it.
The initial switch to tfc was annoying for me. and watching it too.

i enjoy re-watching matches because i like to assess how much of their success/loss is based on individual skills, team co-ordination, and luck. A lot of last night's tf2 matches on 2fort were horrible. 5v5 or 6v6 i think. Several times, scout/soldier/medic combo would be formed and try to get the flag, and an engy would be sandwiched between a dispensor and sg and repair away in the flagroom. By the time the 3 guys take the dispensor down, reinforcement from the enemy team would arrive and kill them all. Often times, players would survive with a sliver of life, like 4 health, but due to a lucky crit shot and respawn delay, they'd be able to take the flag and run with it when they clearly should have lost that round. And once one of the teams were in the lead by 1 point, 1 guy on the leading team would be running the flag, while 4 or 5 guys defend the flag. This inevitably would cause the other team to lose because while the losing team needs more than 1 d to effectively prevent the leading team from capping again, there's no way 4 guys can effectively win over the same 4 or 5, especially in their territory, assuming both teams are equally skilled.

I thought crits and spawn delays were just annoyances, but they literally turn what should be a fair match of individual skills and team coordination into 1 lucky opportunity, in which they then defend for the rest of the round as soon as they get the 1 point lead.

And it got me thinking, while ff does not leave as much room for luck, I'm anxious to see if to see if any of these things might also appear in leagues. Cuz mere annoyances turned out to play a major role in deciding if a team loses or wins for tf2, and i wonder if something like that has escaped notice in FF.
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