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Originally Posted by Zatoichi
thx for confirming my suspicions. i only have a 3 button mouse so this is what i came up with..and i think it works well for me.

alias buildsent "sentrygun;wait; bind mouse3 announce"
alias announce "say_team ^2sentry built at %sl; wait; bind mouse3 detsent"
alias detsent "detdismantlesentry; wait; say_team ^2sentry blown at %sl; bind mouse3 buildsent"
bind "mouse3" "buildsent"

press once to build, then again to announce location, then again to det it. it announces in red to hopefully make it more visable.
Watch it, always remember to click after building, or when you want to detonate it, and you forgot to click again, you will send a team msg instead of blowing the SG up. Just a reminder ^^
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