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Hey guys I'm back! School is over yay ^^

Originally Posted by Zatoichi
this is my engie build script for sentry gun..for some reason it wont tell the location of the sentry when i build it..only when it dets. can anyone give me a hand?

alias buildsent "sentrygun; wait; say_team building sentry at %sl; bind mouse3 detsent"
alias detsent "detdismantlesentry; wait; say_team sentry blown at %sl; bind mouse3 buildsent"
bind "mouse3" "buildsent"
It's not telling you the sentry location, because it's not built yet, you should make a SG status bind:

alias sgstats "say_team Sentry gun built at {%sl}"

bind "" "sgstats"
You could use waits, but the problem is that using to many of them will freeze you for X ammount of seconds, until waits finish. (I've experienced that with demoman)

So best option for me, is that bind.

Hope I could help ^^
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