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Idk what's going on here. First of all, what is up with your cross hair? Is that seriously how you play?

Also are you openly admitting to using the spy exploit, or did you turn it on specifically for your video to prove you're not using it? I don't understand either way.

But yeah I know how the haccusations go in the pub. Was not too long ago I was banned for "not missing a single shot". I admit it can look fishy, as I was playing on a steam account with no other games, and very few hours in FF. Still, there are lots of people from other games out there who could come into FF and pub stomp easily on their first game. The pubs personal anti cheat committee might want to step their game up, as they don't really have the best track record. From jumping the shark, to absurd identity confusion, usually at the end of some crackpot-sherlock line of thinking.
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