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Once upon a time sentries would push somebody flying at it straight back because it was a meanass sentry gun and took some planning to take out. Not only would this kill invaders, but it also made it difficult to get close to them, granting an extra layer of protection. Then push got reduced heavily, so everybody short of a bunny hopping hwguy could run right up to it. This led to mirvs taking out sg's being a commonplace occurence, rather than requiring careful manuevering to pull off, causing a balance shift.

Nerfing the mirv isn't a good solution, because it would just be a reaction to nerfing something else that used to work. And I agree, they SHOULD cause a lot of damage.

This is a general question that does depend a lot on map layout, but due to changes in FF, the new answer to this question is you can't really stop this by yourself if a demoman has a hard-on for your sentry. As I understand it, the expected approach now to keeping your sentry alive is to get your teammates to babysit it in addition to yourself. In TFC it was possible to keep your sentry up by yourself under most situations. In FF, it's expected that it takes you and a couple teammates to do the same thing as a way of promoting teamwork.
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