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a new wave of FF videos

as others have mentioned a smart marketing strategy is key in gaining some new members. good publicity never hurts.

Imo best thing would be if several different kind of videos could be made. a skilled one (like lat's tfc 2015 video), a regular gameplay (with morgan freeman narrating - english ain't my native tongue and not sure if my accent would turn people on or off, otherwise I'd do it myself , some pickup-footage, some eduaction videos (showing classes, ctf, telling what FF is all about etc) and don't forget the found-footage-tapes with a twist (this one is a joke btw).

to cut a long story short: I'll try to create several videos (some ingame videos - unfortunately I'm not very skilled), perhaps a TFC vs FF video (but not before july though).

I know it eats up much much time to create a video. is there anyone willing in contribute? like sending in some demos of hot scenes, lending his manly voice or anything else?
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