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KiNGz. AvD Community Server - K^.

Wasn't sure who to contact directly; google returned no results and I'm not sure what your IRC channel would be. This game has so few players I thought it would probably be alright if I posted here (but please move topics if necessary!).

I just got banned from your server (within a few minutes of this post, steamid 0:0:78535), but I think it might have been by accident. The message said 'racism', but I literally was there for less than 10 seconds and hadn't said or typed a single word (and disapprove of racism in general), so I'm thinking the admin might have meant to ban someone else and skipped a line reading steamids in console or something.

Let me know if there was a mistake - there aren't a whole lot of servers that are active so I'd be pretty bummed out if I wasn't able to join one of 'em because of something like that! Thanks in advance!

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