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Phishing Addition

I appologize for going this route but i was to slow in adding a bit more to that thread for it got locked....maybe you could add it to it? perhaps unlock it allow me to add it....i feel its important these things are known aswell they speak for my character and intent. Here what i wanted to add...

Before that happens Id just like to add that through all of this and spanning clear back to the time i was banned from FYC I have had and continue to hold full admin over the FYC server... Yea i know right, its unbelievable nay inconcievable the low down rotten no good for nothing Phisher of Fortress could be trusted to such a thing.... Or could it, should it, be said that he himself was never held in such an untrusting place by those who now stalk his demise to be given a thought of revoking such an ability.

While ive the chance im going to go ahead and throw this in to further sustain my neutralness toward FYC.

My submission into the logo contest FYC held on their forums only weeks ago.

These things whether grouped or itemized put forth a fairly balanced picture of my intents.
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