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Two questions about Hammer Editor

Hi there!

So, as the title says i have two question about Hammer Editor. These questions are focused in the modeling/texturing process of mapping.

I'm studying Videogames Design (3D Animation, 3D Modelling, UV's, shading... all this stuff) and we are using the software Maya 2015 for the 3D part.

My question is: despite i've always avoided the mixing of blocks in Hammer, (I mean blocks touching each other or one crossing another) i'd like to know if mixing blocks can give me problems on the map using Hammer Editor, compiling it essentially. In Maya there's no problem with blocks crossing each other.

Second question: I've noticed when i looked FF official maps on Hammer that all the faces of the blocks that aren't seen by the players have the "no drawing" texture applied. I'd like to know if there's any reason for that.

I'm planning of make a new map and now that i'm studying all the stuff that are connected with the sector of 3D and games I wanna make it in the right way.

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