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worst ff player eu
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I myself always try and use the railgun even when it's better to use the shotty, and therefore end up getting raped by various medics who then take down my SG with their grenades.

I never remember to bind something to say 'incoming fr' too, so I get raped constantly when I head back to FR, no-one helps me, and rarely get a lvl 3 SG unless I'm relying on teammates a lot, and subsequently lead to the team I'm on being terrible on defense. D:

I also end up going too far for bags to upgrade my SG, like I was playing a pickup yesterday, and ran for a bag a bit far away, and on the way there, mooney grabbed it and threw it at my SG, so I wasted the time I could've used repairing, armouring teammates (but who does that anyway), and grabbing other bags (while doing leet noscope headshot railgun) :L

Every time I play engineer, I'm at the bottom of the scores on D, yet I don't want to play another class, 'cause I know I'll probably be worse at that :P
Also end up with a KDR of 1. *sigh*

(also on schtop on offence i do nothing but try and get under the closing door like that bit on fda's video where mooney concs under it with the flag L: - mnzsux)
gg ff not ded
ff very much alive

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