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Anyone know how to model in 3DS Max?

I'm using the program for the first time to try to convert some models into useable textures/models for my map.

Currently, I've got the Wall Worm tool installed and unfortunately I'm stuck.

I can export the model .qc/.smd files as well as the VMT files just fine, but it won't export the VTF files. Apparently the Wall Worm tool requires the file types of each texture be used as either .TGA or .PSD files. My texture files were all .JPG files. To try to fix this problem, I converted the .JPGs to .TGA files, then went into the 3DS Max Slate Material Editor to change the filename/path as well as the Bitmap parameters.


Now, when I try to export VMTs/VTFs, I actually see the VTF files available but they are grayed out with a reason: INVALID DIMENSIONS.

Any idea what can be done to fix this issue?

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