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I don't really care much for basic DM/TDM modes anyways so it's not a big deal to me. Sacrifice really isn't too bad even though it's getting totally panned on the forums.

And I totally agree I just can't have fun in a game like that unless I have air control. You should know sorlag also has air control. After they buffed his base speed and made his hit box smaller, he's all I've played. Obviously not as fast as anarki, but I've been having fun with him.

Another good thing to know is that the speed cap is only a strafe cap, and it's not a hard cap. Kind of weird but if you get boosts from any knock back you can maintain it in bhopping, at least on sorlag. I'm not sure if you maintain it indefinitely, or if it slowly bleeds. But get good at rocket boosting and you'll definitely notice some nice speed. Boosting with nails is something I should look into as well. They have knock back and you can wall climb with them, but idk if they'd give much horizontal speed.
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